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Goodbye, cat allergies

Treat cat allergies at home with clinically-supervised immunotherapy.
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Curex is the most convenient way to treat allergies.

No In-Person Visits

Apply treatment in seconds without wasting time in waiting rooms.

5-30x higher cumulative dose vs allergy shots

Sublingual immunotherapy delivers a higher dose of allergens over the course of treatment.

Superior safety profile

Even people suffering from severe reactions choose sublingual treatment over allergy shots!

No painful injections.

Treatment is applied under-the-tongue daily, no needles or painful injections involved.
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Meet Sublingual Immunotherapy

With sublingual (under-the-tongue) immunotherapy, get the benefits of allergy shots without leaving your home, or painful injections.

By using clinical-grade extracts of allergens, immunotherapy is shown to desensitize your immune system to allergens including cat dander!

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by clinician

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Clinicaly made allergen extracts are customized for your allergies

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Your immune system gets desensitized to allergens, giving you long-term relief.


Curex Success Story: Goodbye, Cat Allergies!

Genevieve C.

My husband started to see results as early as 6 months and then by 9 months in we were able to get a cat.

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Marina O.

Curex allergy drops have made being around cats possible! They are so convenient and easy to use.

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Philippe C.

Doctors from Curex follow up with you on a regular basis and are very concerned about your well-being in the process.

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Treat Pet Allergies

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indoor & outdoor allergies (eg. pollen)



Refundable deposit
Service deposit is fully refundable if no services (clinical visit or testing) are provided.
Online consultation with allergist
Prescription for medication or immunotherapy for pet allergies
Cancel Anytime
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What's Next?

Once you have test results and treatment prescription, we ship immunotherapy to you. Take it daily.

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Immunotherapy Delivered

$49/month + copay
(No commitment today)

We accept all major insurance providers

Eligibilty may vary depending on your provider/plan

Save up to $500 on immunotherapy. HSA/FSA payments accepted.

Sublingual Immunotherapy is a clinically studied treatment, prescribed by 73.5% of US allergists!

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Dr. Chet Tharpe, MD
Board-Certified Allergy-Immunology & Internal Medicine Physician

Curex is a convenient alternative to allergy shots

At-home treatment
Access to clinician via text/call/zoom
Non-invasive application?
Efficacy Studies


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$49/month + copay

Allergy Shots

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$1,500-$4,000 per year

Reunite with your furry friend!

(Or your roommate’s cat that knocks your coffee over every morning)

With Curex:

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Spend time around pets without the symptoms.

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Become less dependent on allergy meds.

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Treat outdoor & indoor allergies along with pet allergies.

Without Curex:

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Practice avoidance around pets.

Frequent use of meds, drops and sprays.

Risk of developing chronic health problems.


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