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Get long-term relief from your cat allergies

Easy, at-home immunotherapy for cat allergies

Curex is the #1 online allergy clinic

Trusted by over 50,000 people across the US
Low prices you can count on everyday
Convenient telehealth visits with expert clinicians

How Curex works

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Take a free at-home allergy test that detects over 25 different allergens

Review your test results with a Curex allergy specialist

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Get your customized allergy immunotherapy treatment kit delivered to your home

Ready to treat your cat allergies?

Personalized allergy immunotherapy kit delivered to your doorstep
Free at-home allergy test for over 25 different allergens ($199 value)
Schedule a free medical visit to your home for allergy testing or get a self collection kit
Review your test results with an allergy specialist in a free telehealth visit
Get Started for $49

How immunotherapy works

Powered by nature, backed by science

Exposure therapy: small medical grade allergens train your immune system.
Desensitization: over time your body becomes desensitized to allergens and symptoms subside.
Prevention: Immunotherapy helps prevent allergies from happening

Immunotherapy treats the source of your allergies, not just the symptoms.


Clinical studies show that immunotherapy can prevent allergies.


Immunotherapy is created with natural extracts to be taken at home daily, under the tongue.


A lot cheaper than allergy shots. On average customers save $2,340 per year.


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