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Stop allergies at the source.

Curex is a convenient alternative to time-consuming allergy shots.

Benefits of Curex

At-home treatment

Apply treatments in minutes from the comfort of your own home with under-the-tongue applications instead of shots or pills

5-30x higher cumulative dose vs allergy shots

Sublingual immunotherapy delivers a higher dose of allergens over the course of treatment.

Potential for results in as few as 6 months

Individual results vary but some users have reported a noticeable difference in as few as 6-12 months since starting treatments

Excellent safety profile

Studies that have been reviewed by certified physicians show that sublingual immunotherapy is a safe treatment option
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Treatment prescribed
by clinician

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Clinicaly made allergen extracts are customized for your allergies

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Your immune system gets desensitized to allergens, giving you long-term relief.


Answers to Allergies

Backed by Science
Long term solution to allergies
Control allergies and prevent asthma
Proven to reduce symptoms over time
At-home treatment
Access to clinician via text/call/zoom
Total cost/year


Curex packaging
+ copay

Allergy Shots

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$1,500 - $4,000+
per year

Allergy Medicine/ Antihistamines

$100+ monthly without curing the allergies

Getting Started is Easy!

Curex makes it easier than ever to treat allergies, even if you need an allergy test or have existing results!

Sign-up fee
Service deposit is fully refundable if no services (clinical visit or testing) are provided.
Review of your allergy test results
Prescription for medication or immunotherapy
Cancel Anytime
Start with a free quiz
*copays may apply.
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Immunotherapy Delivered

+ copay
Free shipping
Ongoing access to allergist
High deductible plan? No insurance? No problem!
$99/month. No copays or surprise fees. HSA/FSA eligible. Discounts available with our annual plan.

Immunotherapy’s Natural Ingredients: Farm to Pharmacy

Harvesting: Plants (raw materials for pollen extracts) are grown on over 800 acres of farm land under strict supervision of scientists, agronomists and horticulturists.

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Preparation: Pollen is processed in GMP compliant facilities that are routinely inspected by the FDA.

Testing: All pollen batches undergo extensive testing, documentation, and quality control measures, including examination under a microscope to certify the identity, purity and integrity.


Why prevention is more effective than allergy medicine

Exposure therapy:
Train your immune system to fight allergies rather than treat them with medications
Desensitization: Symptoms subside as your body desensitized to allergies reducing or eliminating the need for daily medication
Prevention: Immunotherapy helps prevent and fight allergies at the source

We accept all major insurance providers

Clinical consultations are billed to insurance.
Subscription fee (out-of-pocket, not billed to insurance) covers immunotherapy, shipping and related costs.

How Curex works

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Get Your Allergy Test

Consult with an Expert Online

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Start Treatment at Home

Understanding Curex

Allergy Testing:
Allows Curex clinicians to effectively prescribe personalized treatment plans based on specific allergy results.
immunotherapy helps symptoms subside as you desensitizes to allergens reducing the need for medications
Continued immunotherapy helps prevent and fight allergies at the source providing long-term allergy relief.

More than 50,000 Allergy Sufferers Love Curex

Robert S.

The treatment is much less expensive than a course of allergy shots at a doctor's office and eliminates numerous trips to the doctor's and all the waiting time.

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Lauren S.

No longer having to go the doctor's office a few times a week for painful shots.

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Tony P.

I have done allergy shots in the past but found it pretty inconvenient to go every week. I really like the ease as compared with physically going to the doctors office.

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Janie L.

My seasonal allergies were much less severe than years prior. Most importantly, the convenience of taking drops in my own home is unbeatable.

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