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Prevent and control asthma 

Expert care plus state-of-the-art digital therapeutics

Access to rock-bottom inhaler prices

Get exclusive access to the rock-bottom inhaler prices—sometimes even lower than your co-pay.

Albuterol (Rescue) Inhaler

$20 (or insurance)

AirDuo™ (Controller) Inhaler

$65 (or insurance)

Azelastine Nasal Spray

$20 (or insurance)

Get expert asthma care online

Curex clinicians specialize in asthma & allergies. We get your symptoms under control.

We help develop an asthma action plan, get the right prescriptions and answer your questions.

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Tech-assisted asthma management

We provide smart spirometers and inhalers to track your asthma digitally.  

Reduce flare-ups and bank up those symptom-free days with coaching from our clinicians and smart devices.


Asthma is serious & life-threatening. Get help.

Asthma cases that are poorly controlled
People die from asthma every year
Reason for missing school
1 annual visit to the doctor is not enough

Ready to treat your allergies & asthma?

Asthma Management

Asthma action plan
Consultation with asthma expert
Smart devices for asthma monitoring
Access to low inhaler & med prices
Ongoing clinical support
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Long-term Solution for Asthma

"Allergen avoidance and pharmacotherapy cannot control asthma. Only allergy immunotherapy has disease-modifying potential and should be included in optimal treatment strategies.”

Larson, Broge & Jacobi, 2016

relief from allergies
"Immunotherapy can be amazing"
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What is Curex?
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