Discover the cause of your allergies.

Get tested in the comfort of your home using the same technology as major hospitals—supervised by our clinicians.

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How Curex works


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A medical assistant will come to your home to collect your blood panel*. This helps us determine your allergens.

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Get on a call with our expert clinicians to review your results & kick start your journey to becoming allergy-free.

Start your treatment, from your couch

Curex delivers your personalized at-home immunotherapy to you 4x per year. Take it daily under your tongue in <2 mins.

Keep your progress in check with us

Have questions or need additional medications? No problem—shoot us a text, or get on Zoom with your team of clinicians.

Curex is a convenient alternative to allergy shots

Curex brings allergy prevention through immunotherapy to you. You will never have to leave your home to get treated. We send you your prescriptions and treatment that can be taken daily under the tongue. No trips to the doctors’ office or prickly needles!

Curex Prevention+
Clinically proven to prevent allergies
Get treated in your home—on your time
Taken under tongue—no needles! 
Includes allergy test & full evaluation
Your own team of clinicians—text or Zoom us
$75 / month when billed annually
Allergy Shots
Clinically proven to prevent allergies
Commute to clinic every week
Weekly prickly needles
Testing and evaluation costs extra
Make an appointment anytime you have questions
Surprise insurance bills and high co-pays

How Our Allergy Test Works


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Save $240

Prevent your allergies with at-home immunotherapy, which reduces your body’s reactivity to allergens. Supervised by expert allergy & asthma clinicians—plus FREE testing!

Asthma Care



Save $240

Take control of your asthma, from home, with a dedicated care plan and unbeatable inhaler prices—plus 50% off allergy testing.

Allergy Care



Save $240

Control your allergies from home with expert advice from allergy clinicians, prescriptions, and discounted medication—plus 50% off allergy testing.

*billed annually

Our caring clinical team is here to help.

Every Curex plan includes access to your own team of expert clinicians—call, text, or Zoom us.

Dr. Chet Tharpe, MD

Medical Director

Kayla Mardaga, NP

Clinical Director

Dr. Ravi Patel, DO

VP Telemedicine

Jill Hamburg, PA-C

Expert Clinician

Dr. Neeta Ogden, MD

Clinical Advisor

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