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Curex vs. Wyndly Review

A comprehensive review of Wyndly.
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What makes Curex the top choice

Over 50,000 Users Choose Curex

Curex has more satisfied customers than any other telemedicine clinic. Our clinical team delivers great outcomes to allergy patients in every U.S. state.
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Curex is the only online allergy clinic accepting insurance

Our insurance network is growing everyday so you can get the most affordable treatment available.
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High quality testing

Curex uses hospital-grade allergy tests that are covered by insurance. This means better treatment, lower costs and no need to re-test!


Accepts Insurance
Testing Quality


Most Affordable



Local Allergist

Most Expensive


“Curex has been so easy to work with. After taking allergy shots for years, drops are so much more convenient. The pricing is also so affordable (including the non-insurance option) compared to traditional shots and it's super conveniently all online. I recommend checking them out if you have allergies!”


“Curex has been so easy to work with. After taking allergy shots for years, drops are so much more convenient. The pricing is also so affordable (including the non-insurance option) compared to traditional shots and it's super conveniently all online. I recommend checking them out if you have allergies!”


“I was amazed by the convenience and effectiveness of Curex online treatment. The best part was that there was no need for physical visits to the clinic. It is painless and hassle-free alternative to allergy shots. The customized online treatment plan helped me manage my allergies effectively and I see improvements already. I can highly recommend Curex for anyone who values their time and money and wants to get rid of their allergies.”


“Allergies were ruining my life. Over the counter medicine wasn’t working, especially on bad days. I was desperate for relief, but short on time. I saw an ad for Curex and instantly flocked to the website. I was amazed and quickly signed up. I couldn’t believe how quick and painless it was to sign up, get tested, and get the results!”

How is Curex different from Wyndly and Others?

Expert Specialized Care

Curex has the largest clinical team to serve all of our patients with care and personal attention. With board-certified allergists and medical professionals specializing in allergy & immunology, our expert providers are able to truly understand the extent of your allergies and recommend treatments that can treat them at the source.

Another benefit of choosing Curex is the ability to reach your provider anytime you need via text, email, or phone. Questions about your treatment? Your assigned Curex provider is always a tap away!

Curex Accepts Insurance

With a growing network of insurance providers, Curex is the first online allergy clinic helping patients save money on their treatment. We have the most affordable immunotherapy options available in the market today as we try to make allergy care more accessible in the United States.

Our Mission

We are not just another allergy clinic. Our goal since day one has been providing exceptional allergy care and making immunotherapy more accessible and convenient than ever. If you’ve tried shots or considered them, Curex will provide a much superior experience that is a lot more convenient than shots.

Curex vs. Wyndly: Frequently Asked Questions

Are allergy drops personalized?

Curex uses fully personalized treatment plans, customized to work for you. Wyndly uses premixed formulas that can be effective but do not take into account your specific symptoms history, geography and allergy test results.

Are allergy drops natural?

Curex uses allergenic extracts approved by the FDA for allergy immunotherapy. These allergenic extracts are natural and produced under supervision of botanists, farmers, scientists and medical professionals. The final products are evaluated by inspectors and regulators. Curex uses high quality supplier that doesn’t store allergenic extracts in phenol, a common preservative. Curex’s prescriptions are normally diluted in a natural glycerin preservative, which is safe and ensures stability of treatment for 6-12 months. Wyndly uses a supplier that uses phenol in treatments.

Are there any differences between how Curex and Wyndly test for allergies?

Curex offers a much more accurate test at a lower price. We use a hospital-grade allergy testing technology ImmunoCAP that has been approved by the FDA for detection of IgE proteins and diagnosis of allergies. This technology is covered by most insurance plans and can be as little as $20 with Curex. Wyndly uses very cheap, non-FDA approved finger prick technology that has been self validated to receive CLIA certification. Because of the technology’s low sensitivity, test results are often inaccurate and either require retesting or result in inappropriate treatment. In addition, Wyndly charges $249 for this unreliable form of allergy test.

How much are allergy drops?

Curex offers the most affordable allergy immunotherapy treatment in the U.S., currently just $49/month + copays for clinical visits. We are able to do that by aggregating demand from more than 50,000 users to reduce pharmacy costs, by using technology to make our clinical team much more efficient, and by working with insurance companies to cover allergy testing and consultation costs.

Why customers pick Curex over Wyndly?

Curex is serving hundreds of patients who have started with Wyndly. These patients have picked Curex as the leader in allergy immunotherapy in the U.S. for our personalized treatment plans and most affordable prices.

Are allergy drops covered by insurance?

Curex accepts most insurance plans and is growing its coverage every week. By using insurance to cover the cost of allergy testing and clinical consultations, Curex offers the most affordable allergy immunotherapy program in the U.S.

How many allergies can allergy drops treat?

On average, patients are treated for 5-7 allergies at a time. However, Curex protocol can incorporate more than 10 allergens in a treatment. Please note, that for a clinical dosage to be effective — as supported by evidence based medicine — certain dosages are required, which limit how many go in.

What are the best allergy drops?

Curex is the largest telemedicine provider of allergy immunotherapy in the U.S., with over 50,000 users. Not only do customers pick Curex over other allergy clinics, they give Curex rave reviews and stay through the full course of treatment at 3x the rate of the industry. The reason people are picking Curex is the convenience of using telemedicine/mail pharmacy service and lowest prices in the U.S.

Do allergy drops really work?

Allergy drops are standard of care in many countries around the world. In France, Italy and Spain, allergy drops account for as much as 90% of allergy immunotherapy treatments. This is a testament of decades of clinical studies that support high efficacy and low risk of such treatment.

Are allergy drops FDA approved?

Allergy drops use the same allergenic extracts as allergy shots. These allergenic extracts are indicated for allergy shots and certain single allergy sublingual tablets (e.g. Odactra, Grastek, Ragwitek, Oralair, etc.) Currently allergenic extracts have not been approved for personalized allergy drops and are prescribed off-label. Off-label prescriptions account for about 50% of all U.S. prescriptions and can be an effective treatment for patients who can’t use allergy shots or single-allergy tablets for their allergy immunotherapy needs.

What allergies do allergies drops treat?

Immunotherapy is a custom treatment formulated based on your allergy profile, along with allergens you are exposed to where you live.

This approach allows immunotherapy to treat a wide array of allergies. The most common ones we treat are:

tree allergy
Tree Pollen
insect icon
Dust Mites
mold allergy
maple leaf icon
Weed Pollen
leaf icon
Grass Pollen
insect icon
Cat Allergies
Dog Allergies

We do not prescribe immunotherapy for food allergies or food insensitivity.

How long do you stay on allergy drops?

Training your immune system to stop overreacting to allergens is a relatively long process. The recommended treatment length is 3-5 years in order to achieve long-term relief. Studies have shown that this treatment length is optimal to help you stay symptom-free long after treatment is done.

How long does it take for allergy drops to work?

Allergy immunotherapy starts working within the first 3-6 months in most people. If after the first 6 months you do not feel a noticeable improvement, our clinicians may reformulate your prescription to increase the strength or add new allergens for better performance.

Are allergy drops safe?

Allergy drops are extremely safe with a superior safety profile compared to SCIT (Allergy Shots). The World Health Organization endorsed allergy drops as a safe alternative to allergy shots.

While allergy shots can frequently cause systemic reactions such as anaphylaxis, most reactions with SLIT (allergy drops) are mild to moderate. With over a billion doses administered to date, there have been 0 fatalities.

What is the success rate of allergy drops?

The success rate of immunotherapy is very high with 85% of patients reporting that their allergies were either eliminated or significantly reduced.

Which allergy drops are best?

There are a few key considerations when it comes to where you get your allergy drops treatment from.

1) Personalization: With Curex, as opposed to using standard mixes that may or may not include your specific allergens, we build and formulate your treatment from scratch. This means each formula is uniquely made for you and your allergies.

2) Ingredients: Unlike most other providers such as Wyndly, Curex does not use phenol (a toxic compound used as a preservative). As a result, all Curex formulations include ingredients that are 100% natural, including the allergen extracts as well as the plant-based glycerin to make the solution.

3) Affordability: Curex offers the most affordable immunotherapy treatment in the market. In addition, we accept insurance helping patients save up to 50% on their treatment costs, bringing the monthly price down to only $59/month + copay for each required visit. Our self-pay plan is priced at $99/month with no additional charges or copays.

Patients can save another 20% by taking advantage of our annual pricing options.

Why are allergy drops cheaper than allergy shots?

Allergy shots require as many as 50 in-person visits per year, making them extremely inconvenient and expensive. Because of their superior safety profile, allergy drops do not require in-person doctor visits. With telemedicine, allergy drops require only up to 6 online visits with your provider per year, making them significantly cheaper.

In addition, allergy shots are prepared by the individual allergists who do not have the scale to formulate them cost-effectively. Curex aggregates demand from more than 50,000 users in the United States, which results in a very efficient cost structure for allergy immunotherapy. Curex passes on the savings directly to the patients.

Researchers who compared allergy shots to allergy drops found that drops are the more cost-effective option when looking at success rates, how well the patients stuck with the treatments as well as insurance costs.

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What is Curex?
Is Curex legitimate?
What services do you offer?
Does Curex accept insurance?
Should I use insurance if I'm not sure about my deductibles or copays?
What conditions do you treat?
What is immunotherapy?
Can my child use Curex?
Does Curex treat food allergies?
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How does allergy testing work?
Is sublingual immunotherapy safe?