Treat your allergies—at the source

Over 60 million Americans suffer from allergies—Curex can help.


Get back outside, even during allergy season. Curex can help you with hay fever caused by pollen, grasses & weeds.


Take on those sneezy dust mites! Curex can help you overcome your allergies to indoor dust, and even mold!


Spend more time with your furry ones, Curex can help you overcome your dog and cat allergies.

Allergies are reactions in your immune system

Allergy symptoms are caused by your immune system overreacting to harmless allergens that your body is not used to. This reaction causes antibodies and histamine to be released into your blood stream—causing inflammation in your sinuses, airways, skin or digestive tract.

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Prevent allergic reactions in the first place

Curex's Prevention+ plan uses immunotherapy to teach your body how to be comfortable with your allergens over time. Your custom prescription is tailored specifically for you using medical-grade allergens and is shipped to your home. Many Curex customers start seeing results within 4-6 months with our Prevention+ plan.

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Get your symptoms under control

If you're not ready to start immunotherapy, our expert clinicians who specialize in allergies & asthma can help evaluate your symptoms and medical history to recommend the right prescription-strength antihistamine or nasal spray to bring temporary relief to your symptoms.

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Take a Free Allergy Test

Take a Free Allergy Test

Unsure if allergies are causing your symptoms? Start your journey to relief with our free online allergy test. Our allergy quiz is the first step towards understanding your allergic reactions and planning your path to better health. Take the test today and move closer to finding the relief you deserve.

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Take a Free Allergy Test

From our Clinicians

Dr. Chet Tharpe


Medical Director

Curex has set the standard for the virtual allergy experience. From the comfort of their home, patients nationwide are able to receive a personalized treatment plan from an experienced clinician, aimed at treating the source of their allergies, not just the symptoms.

Kayla Mardaga



Curex offers convenient at-home allergy testing options. Our goal is to determine if a patient would benefit from immunotherapy and then customize a treatment plan that can reduce both the symptoms and the reliance on allergy medications.

Dr. Ravi Patel


VP Telemedicine

At Curex, our mission is to help people improve their health and quality of life by understanding their allergies and treating them at their source.
We provide more than individualized prescription treatments; we provide individualized care.

Jill Hamburg



With Curex, allergy care is patient-centric and accessible from anywhere. Immunotherapy made simple. We enable patients to receive personalized allergy care on their own time. No more waiting rooms.

Dr. Neeta Ogden



Curex is poised to revolutionize the way allergies are treated in America, expanding access to clinical care and treatments that can meaningfully improve patients quality of life.

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