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Prevent Allergies

Immunotherapy treats the source of allergies, not just the symptoms
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European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2017;72:1597–1631.
“Immunotherapy has been shown to be more effective than standard care involving common allergy medications”
“Immunotherapy can be amazing”
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Prevention is Better

Feel Better: reduce allergy symptoms over time
Save Money: spend less on allergy medications
Live Healthier: control allergies and prevent asthma

Immunotherapy made simple

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Get Your Allergy Test

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Ready to treat your allergies?

First, get your allergy test to customize your treatment.


Allergy Test & Consultation



At-home allergy test for 25+ allergens
Hospital grade quality. FDA-cleared technology
Concierge medical assistant or self-collection kit
Review results with an allergy clinician
1st step before immunotherapy
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What's Next?

Once you have test results and treatment prescription, we ship immunotherapy to you. Take it daily.

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Immunotherapy Delivered

$75/month, with annual plan.
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Immunotherapy Science

Exposure therapy: small medical grade allergens train your immune system.
Desensitization: over time your body becomes desensitized to allergens and symptoms subside.
Prevention: Immunotherapy helps prevent allergies from happening

Curex is a convenient alternative to allergy shots

Curex brings allergy prevention through immunotherapy to you. You will never have to leave your home to get treated. We send you your prescriptions and treatment that can be taken daily under the tongue. No trips to the doctors’ office or prickly needles!

Prevents allergies long term
At-home treatment saves time
Treatment taken daily under the tongue
Evaluation & allergy test at home
Talk or text with your clinician, as needed
$49/month (copays may apply)
Prevents allergies long term
Commute to clinic every week
Treatment injected weekly by syringe
Evaluation and testing in the clinic
Clinical visits require scheduling
Surprise insurance bills and high copays

Immunotherapy is proven and well-researched

Trusted by 4,000+ allergists to treat millions of patients every year.
Sublingual immunotherapy adoption is growing and winning market share from allergy shots.
Most patients notice improvements within 3-6 months.
Leading medical institutions practice immunotherapy

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"I have two cats I can finally cuddle!"

Cat and dog allergies




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“I can breathe through my nose for the first time in like 20 years!"

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Dust and mold allergies



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“I've noticed less sneezing and shortness of breath.”

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Tree and grass allergies




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I love the convenience!

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Tree and cat allergies

Immunotherapy’s Natural Ingredients: Farm to Pharmacy

Harvesting: Plants (raw materials for pollen extracts) are grown on over 800 acres of farm land under strict supervision of scientists, agronomists and horticulturists.

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Preparation: Pollen is processed in GMP compliant facilities that are routinely inspected by the FDA.

Testing: All pollen batches undergo extensive testing, documentation, and quality control measures, including examination under a microscope to certify the identity, purity and integrity.


Curex is #1 online allergy clinic

More than 50,000 users across every state
Lowest prices in the U.S.
Convenient telehealth expert care


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