Personalized at-home allergy treatment.

Curex is the largest online allergy & asthma clinic.

  • We have helped over 50,000 patients across all states.
  • Curex offers hospital-grade allergy testing to find the best treatment.
  • Our sublingual immunotherapy option is a convenient alternative to painful allergy shots.

With Curex, you can get access to your own team of expert clinicians—call, text, or Zoom us.

Dr. Chet Tharpe, MD

Medical Director

Kayla Mardaga, NP

Clinical Director

Dr. Ravi Patel, DO

VP Telemedicine

Jill Hamburg, PA-C

Expert Clinician

Dr. Neeta Ogden, MD

Clinical Advisor

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Our clinical team conducts at-home allergy testing and prescribes the best available treatment options to reduce your symptoms.

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Curex specialists answer questions about treatments, allergy tests and immunotherapy.

Treatment designed for you.

We use precision medicine to help you achieve the best results.

We're your allergy & asthma experts.

We specialize in allergies and asthma—and we’re available via call, text, or Zoom.

Get the best care at home.

We deliver tests, prescriptions & immunotherapy. We respect your time.

From our Customers




five stars

I am literally happier than I've ever been. I sleep better and have more energy and I can breathe through my nose for the first time in like 20 years!




five stars

Since I found Curex, I've done a 180: I don't shy away from animals and I have two cats I can cuddle! I love how non-intrusive and simple it is to use.



New York

five stars

Since starting Curex, I've noticed less sneezing, shortness of breath, and wheezing around dogs. I can now be around my parents' dogs without worrying about a reaction!




five stars

I've seen significant improvement in my allergy symptoms since starting allergy immunotherapy. I love the convenience of meeting with my clinician online.


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