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See how Curex is the safest choice for allergy treatment!

Curex is the #1 Safe Online Allergy Clinic in the U.S.
#1 Online
Allergy Clinic

What makes Curex the top choice

Over 50,000 Users Choose Curex

Curex has more satisfied customers than any other telemedicine clinic. Our clinical team delivers great outcomes to allergy patients in every U.S. state.
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Curex is the only online allergy clinic accepting insurance

Our insurance network is growing everyday so you can get the most affordable treatment available.
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High quality testing

Curex uses hospital-grade allergy tests that are covered by insurance. This means better treatment, lower costs and no need to re-test!

Sublingual Immunotherapy has a superior safety profile

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Medical History and Clinical Review: 

Patients with high-risk profiles are carefully filtered based on their medical history and clinical reviews.
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Gradual Dosage Increase:

Prescription dosages step up gradually. This approach ensures that any potential allergic reactions don't occur immediately. This gradual training allows the body to adjust before reaching the full dose, making it more gentle than treatments that start with larger doses.

EpiPen Provision:

Every patient is prescribed an EpiPen, ensuring safety even in the rare case of severe reactions. This is especially crucial for those with high-risk profiles.

Supervised Treatment:

Treatments are prescribed and administered under the supervision of clinicians online. Additionally, patients have the option to schedule a first-drop appointment where a medical professional oversees the initiation of their treatment.

Impressive Safety Record:

Statistics highlight the safety of Curex's approach. Millions have been treated with at-home immunotherapy safely. Notably, there hasn't been a single recorded fatality among the billions of doses administered. In the rare cases where allergic reactions have occurred, there are well-established protocols to minimize and manage such incidents.

Curex's Commitment to Safety:
The Science of At-Home Immunotherapy

Curex's Commitment to Safety: The Science of At-Home Immunotherapy

Navigating the world of allergy treatments can be overwhelming, especially when considering at-home solutions. Yet, Curex's at-home immunotherapy stands as a beacon of safety and efficacy. But what measures underpin this assurance?

Why is At-Home Immunotherapy Safe?

Sublingual immunotherapy offers superior safety

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Sublingual immunotherapy

Allergy Shots

Gentle Build-up

Rate of Severe Reaction



Millions of Users

EpiPen Prescribed

Post Use Waiting Period

Not necessary

30 mins

Safe for Home Use

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How does Curex ensure patient safety?

Each patient goes through in-depth screening.

Before diving into treatment, Curex meticulously screens individuals based on their medical history, ensuring only the most suitable candidates proceed.

Sublingual immunotherapy dosage increases gradually, and gently.

Curex's methodology involves a gradual increase in dosage. This deliberate pacing ensures the body has time to adjust, reducing potential allergic reactions.

EpiPens are prescribed as a standard protocol.

Safety is paramount. Every patient, irrespective of their risk profile, is equipped with an EpiPen, guaranteeing immediate response capabilities for any severe allergic reactions.
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Curex Clinicians supervise treatment.

The at-home nature of the treatment is complemented by digital oversight from medical professionals. This marriage of convenience and expert supervision ensures an optimal balance.
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We Provide “First Drop Appointments”.

For those seeking an added layer of assurance, Curex offers an in-person first drop appointment, providing a watchful eye during the treatment's initial stages.
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At-home Immunotherapy has an excellent track record.

A track record boasting over a billion doses without a single fatality speaks volumes. Curex's commitment to safety is not just a promise; it's proven.

Curex's at-home immunotherapy goes beyond mere convenience. With a rigorous, multi-faceted approach to safety, those seeking relief can trust they are in reliable hands.

We accept all major insurance providers

Clinical consultations are billed to insurance.
Subscription fee (out-of-pocket, not billed to insurance) covers immunotherapy, shipping and related costs.

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