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Immunotherapy is a way to go after the source of your allergies, not just the symptoms.

How It Works

Allergy Treatment
That Aims to Treat You Better

Curex offer - Virtual Visit

Virtual Visit

The Curex clinical team reviews your allergy and medical history to determine if you would benefit from immunotherapy.

Curex offer - Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

Allergy testing (at home or in a lab) may be required to establish the diagnosis and prepare a plan for you.

Curex offer - Immunotherapy


Prescription is sent to you or you are referred to a local clinic. Allergy care begins.

Allergen immunotherapy is the repeated administration of allergen extracts to allergic individuals in order to provide long-term relief of symptoms and improvement in quality of life during subsequent natural allergen exposure.

World Health Organization

Common allergies treated with immunotherapy

  • Cats Allergy Relief


  • Dogs Allergy Relief


  • Dust mites Allergy Relief

    Dust mites

  • Grasses Allergy Relief

    Grasses and Weeds

  • Pollens Allergy Relief

    Tree Pollens

  • Molds and Fungi Allergy Relief

    Molds and Fungi


Injections at Doctor's Office

Injectable allergen extracts are used for treatment and are sterile liquids that are manufactured from natural substances (such as molds, pollens, insects, and animal hair) known to elicit allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.

Frequently $200 per month
(varies by insurance)

Sublingual at Home

FDA-approved allergen extract tablets are used for treatment and are derived from natural substances known to elicit allergic reactions in susceptible individuals, and are intended for the treatment of allergic rhinitis with or without allergic conjunctivitis.

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