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Give your child a healthy future


Get back outside, even during allergy season. Curex can help you with hay fever caused by pollen, grasses & weeds.


Take on those sneezy dust mites! Curex can help you overcome your allergies to indoor dust, and even mold!


Spend more time with your furry ones, Curex can help you overcome your dog and cat allergies.

59% of children with allergies and asthma miss school

Get a Curex clinician with pediatric expertise to help your child overcome their allergies and asthma.

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Allergen avoidance and pharmacotherapy cannot control asthma. Only allergy immunotherapy has disease-modifying potential and should be included in optimal treatment strategies.

Larson, Broge & Jacobi, 2016

Immunotherapy can reduce eczema symptoms over time

Immunotherapy is a prescription treatment that exposes you to small controlled doses of medical grade allergen, with the goal of retraining your immune system not to have allergies.

From our Clinicians

Dr. Chet Tharpe


Medical Director

Curex has set the standard for the virtual allergy experience. From the comfort of their home, patients nationwide are able to receive a personalized treatment plan from an experienced clinician, aimed at treating the source of their allergies, not just the symptoms.

Kayla Mardaga



Curex offers convenient at-home allergy testing options. Our goal is to determine if a patient would benefit from immunotherapy and then customize a treatment plan that can reduce both the symptoms and the reliance on allergy medications.

Dr. Ravi Patel


VP Telemedicine

At Curex, our mission is to help people improve their health and quality of life by understanding their allergies and treating them at their source.
We provide more than individualized prescription treatments; we provide individualized care.

Jill Hamburg



With Curex, allergy care is patient-centric and accessible from anywhere. Immunotherapy made simple. We enable patients to receive personalized allergy care on their own time. No more waiting rooms.

Dr. Neeta Ogden



Curex is poised to revolutionize the way allergies are treated in America, expanding access to clinical care and treatments that can meaningfully improve patients quality of life.

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