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All about allergies, immunotherapy and Curex.

About Curex

Are Curex's services covered by insurance? Do you accept HSA/FSA?


While services on the Curex platform are not currently covered by insurance, the prices are frequently lower than most health plans' co-pays. We accept HSA/FSA payments for all services we provide.

What is Curex?


Curex is the place to go for all your allergy questions and needs. Curex connects medical providers who specialize in allergy and immunology to people who suffer from food, indoor and outdoor allergies. The Curex platform enables at-home allergy testing, online consultations, and immunotherapy. Our goal is to improve the accessibility and quality of allergy care in the US.

Who is Curex for?


Curex helps people who suffer from all types of allergies – as well as people who don’t know if they have allergies and are trying to figure that out. Our at-home allergy test is available everywhere except New York. We do not yet treat patients in Hawaii.

About the At-Home Allergy Test

Can I take this test if I am on antihistamines or have a history of anaphylaxis and/ or eczema?


Yes. IgE testing is frequently recommended for those who can't stop taking antihistamines or who have a history of anaphylaxis and/ or eczema.

Do I need to stop eating or stop taking medications before the test?


No, unlike skin scratch tests, allergy blood testing allows you to continue your regular diet, as well as any medications you may be taking.

How accurate is the test?


No medical test is perfect. Generally, we consider FDA approved tests like ImmunoCAP and Immulite to have the highest accuracy. However they could be expensive (depending on your insurance) and require a blood draw by a phlebotomist. At-home self-collection tests are CLIA-certified lab developed tests that are normally a bit less accurate but are more convenient and affordable. We only recommend tests that have an expected sensitivity and specificity of above 90%.

How does at-home test work?


The test is taken in the comfort of your own home. We ship you a kit with all the items you need to collect a small blood sample via finger prick. You then send the sample to our lab partner using a prepaid shipping envelope we provide. You can check out video instructions for our collection process here:

How long does it take to receive my results? How can I access them?


After the lab receives your sample, it typically takes 5 business days to receive your results. You will receive an email confirmation when your results are ready and you can access them in your Curex profile. This email will also prompt you to schedule a lab results review consultation with one of our doctors.

What allergies can the test detect?


Allergy tests are commonly used to detect indoor, outdoor or pet allergens. Common allergens include cat, dog, dust, molds, grasses, weeds and tree pollens. Currently we do not recommend or provide IgE testing for food allergens.

What is IgE testing?


The IgE test measures your immune system's underlying reactivity to certain allergens. Medical professionals use IgE test results, together with your health history, to establish a diagnosis and understand what is triggering your allergy, asthma or eczema symptoms.

What is the refund policy?


You are entitled to a full refund before we ship the kit. Once the kit has shipped, you will receive your refund minus $25 for the non-refundable kit and shipping. All kits expire after three months of ordering and are non-refundable at that point.

Which test is right for me?


We offer all common types of IgE allergy testing. This includes getting (i) tested in a local lab, (ii) having a phlebotomist come to your home or office to do a blood draw (the blood sample is then delivered to a lab for testing), or (iii) at-home self-collection test. After you answer our short quiz, a clinician will help you determine the right test for you and will order it to you.

About Allergy Immunotherapy

Can food allergies be treated with immunotherapy?


The Curex platform does not treat food allergies at this moment. But we will be happy to refer you to a local clinic that may be able to help.

How much does immunotherapy cost?


The price of immunotherapy depends a lot based on your preferred form of treatment and your insurance. We offer some out-of-pocket plans for as low as $65/month.

I'm interested. How do I begin? Do I need an allergy test first?


To begin, sign up here and fill out our medical questionnaire. In order to determine eligibility, a Curex-affiliated clinician will review allergy test results. If you have blood test or skin scratch test results from the last 5 years, you can submit those to bypass additional testing. At the end of sign up, you will receive instructions on how to submit pre-existing results or how to get tested, if needed. Testing is followed by a screening appointment to review allergy test results. This screening is a time to determine eligibility and answer any questions you may have about immunotherapy.

What are the cancellation and refund policies?


You can cancel or pause your membership and subscription at any time. To cancel or pause subscriptions, please email our team at

You will receive a refund for any drops shipments that have not yet been compounded by the pharmacy. We will notify you before any drops compound is prepared, typically 2 weeks before it is due (to allow time for pharmacy compounding and shipment). For annual and three year plans, patients receive prorated refunds.

No pharmacy products are eligible for refunds once they have been dispensed.

What is allergy immunotherapy?


Immunotherapy is a longstanding form of treatment that aims to meaningfully reduce the underlying cause of indoor/outdoor allergies. Immunotherapy is frequently practiced by using FDA-approved allergens for shots or allergy tablets. Treatment plans are customized to the individual patient based on medical profile, test results, and lifestyle needs.

When will I start to see improvement? How long do I stay on the treatment?


Efficacy of treatment varies, but many patients start noticing improvements in symptoms within the first 6 months. Curex-associated clinicians will be available for ongoing care, monitoring your symptoms and adjusting treatment as necessary. Physicians generally recommend that you stay on treatment for at least 3 years, to help achieve long lasting relief.

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