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Love your pet but not your allergies?

Curex helps pet owners & friends find permanent relief from allergies!

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The Science of Immunotherapy to the Rescue!

Curex helps reduce your pet allergies over time through immunotherapy- an extremely well researched treatment in the allergy world!

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Reunite with your furry friend!

(Or your roommate’s cat that knocks your coffee over every morning)

With Curex:

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Spend time around pets without the symptoms.

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Become less dependent on allergy meds.

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Treat outdoor & indoor allergies along with pet allergies.

Without Curex:

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Practice avoidance around pets.

Frequent use of meds, drops and sprays.

Risk of developing chronic health problems.

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Roadmap for treating the source of pet allergies
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What's Next?

Once you have test results and treatment prescription, we ship immunotherapy to you. Take it daily.

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Immunotherapy Delivered

$75/month, with annual plan.
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Immunotherapy targets the source of your pet allergies

1. Small doses of medical-grade pet allergens train your immune system.

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2. Over time your body becomes desensitized to pet dander.

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3. After regular use, immunotherapy provides long term relief from pet allergies & reduces your risk of asthma.

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“Immunotherapy can be amazing”
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How It Works

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Start treating pet allergies at home

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Reviews from real Curex users

Aaron R.

I started immunotherapy April of 2021. I am allergic to dogs and have one. In the last few months I have been getting less and less watery eyes.

Ken S.

My cat and dust allergies are already fading.

Genevieve C.

My husband started to see results as early as 6 months and then by 9 months in we were able to get a cat.

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