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Control Severe Allergies with Curex

Get your life back from allergies with clinician-supervised immunotherapy.
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Severe Allergies are a real problem.

Over 50% of sufferers don’t find their allergy medicine fully effective.
Allergies are the #1 reason why people miss work.
An average sufferer has tried more than 11 tactics to manage their symptoms.

Left untreated, severe allergies can lead to:

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Chronic health problems including asthma

Skin disorders such as eczema

Low productivity & reduced work/school performance


Curex is a great solution for severe allergy sufferers.

Immunotherapy is shown to be an effective treatment against severe environmental allergies.

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Treat the source, not just symptoms

Clinician Supervised

Your Curex journey is in safe hands with board-certified allergists you can reach via text/zoom/call.

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Safe & Effective

At-home sublingual therapy is shown to be a safe alternative to allergy shots.

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Long-Term Relief

Unlike antihistamines, Curex treats the source of allergies for long-term relief.

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How Does Immunotherapy Work?

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Small doses of medical-grade allergens train your immune system.

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Over time your body becomes desensitized to allergens.

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After regular use, immunotherapy provides long term relief from severe allergies & reduces your risk of asthma.

Immunotherapy 101

Getting Started is Easy!

Curex makes it easier than ever to treat allergies, even if you need an allergy test or have existing results!

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Service deposit is fully refundable if no services (clinical visit or testing) are provided.
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Immunotherapy Delivered

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$99/month. No copays or surprise fees. HSA/FSA eligible. Discounts available with our annual plan.

We accept all major insurance providers

Clinical consultations are billed to insurance.
Subscription fee (out-of-pocket, not billed to insurance) covers immunotherapy, shipping and related costs.

"Immunotherapy can be amazing"
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man opening Curex packaging
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Reviews from real Curex users

Janie L.

I've been using Curex for almost a year now — my allergies have slowly but surely started to get much better! My seasonal allergies were much less severe than years prior.

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Jenny S.

We could not believe how manageable my son's symptoms were and we are only on his first year of drops.

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Steven D.

It was so easy, so painless, and already feeling the results! An absolutely amazing and pain-free process. A must-try for any allergy sufferers!

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Start treating severe allergies at home

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