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5 Reasons Why Curex is the Best Treatment For Your Allergies

Curex is the #1 Online Allergy Clinic in the US.

Annoying In Person Appointments

Expensive Medical Bills

Painless Treatment

100% Online Process

Long-Term Allergy Relief

What makes Curex the top choice

Over 50,000 Users Choose Curex

Curex has more satisfied customers than any other telemedicine clinic. Our clinical team delivers great outcomes to allergy patients in every U.S. state.
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Curex is the only online allergy clinic accepting insurance

Our insurance network is growing everyday so you can get the most affordable treatment available.
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High quality testing

Curex uses hospital-grade allergy tests that are covered by insurance. This means better treatment, lower costs and no need to re-test!

We accept all major insurance providers

Clinical consultations are billed to insurance.
Subscription fee (out-of-pocket, not billed to insurance) covers immunotherapy, shipping and related costs.

Treat your allergies 100% from home.

Curex provides permanent relief for those suffering from allergies. This includes customized sublingual immunotherapy and at-home concierge allergy testing; all done from the comfort of your own home!

We personalize your treatments to be catered to your specific allergy needs.

We focus on indoor and outdoor allergies caused by environmental or inhalant allergies, like those caused by pollens, weeds, grasses, dust mites, molds and pets. Doses and treatment plans are customized to fit your specific allergy profile.

You'll achieve permanent allergy relief!

Once we have your allergy test results, you will meet with a Curex clinician to customize the treatment based on your needs. Your treatment will be shipped to you quarterly.Most patients start seeing improvements in 6-12 months. In some cases, people start experiencing significant improvement in their symptoms earlier.

Preferred over Allergy Shots!

Doctor Visit
Risk of adverse reaction
Cumulative Dose
Once a week
100% at home
5 to 30x Higher

Excellent safety profile

Studies that have been reviewed by board-certified allergists show that immunotherapy is a safe and effective option for treating allergies.. Curex clinicians prescribe a gentler, safer form of immunotherapy called “sublingual immunotherapy” (SLIT), which is applied under the tongue instead of injections. Due to its gentle buildup phase, even people with more severe allergies are usually pointed in this direction.

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Understanding Curex

Allergy Testing:
Allows Curex clinicians to effectively prescribe personalized treatment plans based on specific allergy results.
immunotherapy helps symptoms subside as you desensitizes to allergens reducing the need for medications
Continued immunotherapy helps prevent and fight allergies at the source providing long-term allergy relief.

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